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Green tea, flowers & fruit



En påse Simris Sun Candy Algae Tea bredvid en person som håller en tekopp

Quick facts

Naturally nutritious

The Dunaliella algae in two cups of Sun Candy Algae Tea provide natural beta-carotene corresponding to the full recommended daily intake (800 μg) of vitamin A.


Made in France, this organic luxury tea contains flowers, fruit and green tea coated in French Dunaliella algae.

Sunkissed aromatic green tea

...packed in charming, biodegradable pyramid bags. Lush!

Fall in love with algae

Simris Select is a unique line of algae-based products boasting superior quality, based on their production standards and origin. Simris Select was born to give inspiration and to introduce everyone to the wonderful, nutritious and diverse world of algae, with products that are 100% plant-based, good for the planet and good for your well-being.

Superior quality

All the different algae offered in the Simris Select products are farmed by algae farmers who we have carefully selected – farmers who we know personally and who share the same high-quality production standards as we do.


Scientific name: Dunaliella salina

Style: Green and drop-shaped with whiskers, single-celled.

Skills: High in beta-carotene, superb as natural food colouring or a nutritional supplement!

Thrives in: Really salty waters, marine waters.

Did you know?
Dunaliella was first discovered in 1838 in southern France. Although it’s technically a green alga, it can have such high concentrations of carotenoids, that it turns red or bright orange!

Serving size: 1-2 cups daily

20 biodegradable pyramid bags

One serving (2 cups) provides:

100% of the recommended daily intake (800 μg) of vitamin A

Best before date can be found at the bottom of your paper pouch. Please do not consume after the recommended best before date.

Store at room temperature, protected from moisture and direct sunlight.

Natural variation may occur between batches.

Please compost your biodegradable pyramid bags after enjoying your tea.

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